Duo (2019)

11,8x8,3 in ~ Peinture, Encre

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Jérôme Dufay is a French plastic painter, founder of the popular contemporary movement Oz'Art. In France, a difficult struggle for the recognition of the vast majority of artists that state power and international sales halls controlled by high finance refuse to recognize as creators, despite their immense talent.
Jérôme Dufay's painting is inspired by the maritime landscapes of Normandy. He painted an important series on the cliffs of the Dieppe region, the landing of the Allied forces during the Second World War, in 1942, known as Operation Jubilee.
Coming from the Art School of Beauvaisis (France - Picardy), he produces series of nude portraits of men and women, in the form of graphite drawings, in ink or in watercolor. , very sought after by collectors of contemporary art.
He often exhibits: Paris, Amiens, Beauvais, in galleries, shows, festivals, either alone or in groups.

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